Pride Tree

Gifts made to the Pride Tree support the DeWitt Public School Foundation’s general endowment. The endowment supports the teacher grant fund which supports teachers at the classroom level. Teachers use the grants to provide learning experiences and materials for their students. Past grants have support extended learning experiences such the Big Zoo at Potter Park, The Big History Lesson at the Michigan Historical Museum, and Annie’s Big Nature Lesson. Teacher have also used grants to bring technology and other innovations into the classrooms. Donation are tax detectable.


Leave your legacy and support DeWitt Public Schools with the purchase of a leaf or a stone.

  •  Bronze Leaf: $250
  •  Sliver Leaf:  $500
  •  Gold Leaf: $1,000
  •  Small Stone:$5,000
  •  Medium Stone:$10,000
  •  Large Stone: $25,000

  Current Leaves:

  • Gold - In honor of Ryan & Trent Pysarchik
  • Bronze - The Brown Alumni Tamberlyn - 1984 Amy - 1988 William (BJ) - 2001
  • Bronze - In honor of Gene Olsen, 1999
  • Bronze - In honor of Todd Olsen, 2001
  • Bronze - In honor of Sally Fizzell
  • Bronze -  In honor of Angie Sutton
  • Bronze - In honor of Judy Hanson
  • Bronze - In Honor of Dr. Thomas Russell
  • Bronze - In Honor Of Madison Deiter 2017 Gwenyth

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